Trastevere: home sweet home

I realized that I never did a blog post showing you where I stayed while visiting Rome, Italy. We were lucky enough to be given an apartment in the small town of Trastevere, which is on the west bank of the Tiber river, and south of Vatican City. Its name comes from the Latin trans Tiberim, meaning literally “beyond the Tiber” (Wikipedia).  Apparently, the town has a logo – who knew?

Its logo is a golden head of a lion on a red background, the meaning of which is uncertain

We stayed in the apartments located at Via Ippolito Nievo 12 – I could never find out the actual name. Here are some pictures of our shared room for 8 girls (with only 1 usable shower mind you):

The view when you first walk in – our kitchen | wash room area

The dining | ironing station

That cabinet was actually our fridge

The balcony

Living room

The “get ready” bathroom (note the teeny tiny shower)

The “8 girls share this shower” bathroom

My bed (Meylin, Melissa and I were roommies)

My nightstand (check out all the empty water bottles, I was thirsty all the time in Rome)

My desk and drying station for my clothes

My closet (with 3 of us in the room, they had to be in the hallway)

Besides the fact I got to live with such great people, my favorite part about the experience was that we had coffee just at our footsteps. Practically everyday we visited the Cafe downstairs and around the corner. Briana asked one day what the name of it was (since the sign translated to “New Management”) and they said it did not have a name, just call it “Bar”. At Bar, we had the 3 best servers: Luca, Antonio, and Giuseppe – which translates to Lucas, Tony, and Joseph. We meant to get a picture with them before we left, but were unsuccessful. I guess that is a reason to go back though!

Ciao for now,
♥ Christine

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