Custom Headers

These custom headers were made to
showcase Nicholas Mariano's headshots.


An Actor's Website

Professional and Creative
This website was tailored to match Nicholas Mariano's profession


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Custom Design

Nicholas Mariano is a actor located in east Tennessee
who specializes in stage and screen. He wanted a website
that showcased both his professional and creative sides.

Photos at the Forefront

Nicholas Mariano wanted the focus of the design
to be centered around his professional headshots.

Streamlined Navigation

Nicholas Mariano’s website was designed¬†so that users can navigate
easily and intuitively throughout. Users can easily access key
information from more than one place in the site and they
can move back and forth between the main pages and sections.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

This website was designed with mobile optimization in mind.
Since Nicholas Mariano’s career has him traveling between sets,
it was important to have his website look just as good on the go.

Days to make
Site Visits to Date

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