One of the most interesting classes we had with Jeremy was when we went on a Graffiti tour around the city. It surprised me when I got here how much Graffiti they had considering how nice the buildings were. It honestly reminded me a lot of New York and other major cities. One of the most impressive works we saw was Wall of Fame by JB Rock. In this street mural the artist has painted an influential figure for each letter of the alphabet.

The entire wall, located at via dei Magazzini Generali, spans around 204 feet.

Just in case this isn’t legible, here is the list:

A – Dante Alighieri
B – Notorious BIG
C – Carlo Tribbioli (artist’s brother)
D – Diamond (Roman street artist, TTS)
E – Elvis
F – Federico Tribbioli (artist’s brother)
G – Yuri Gagarin
H – Jimi Hendrix
I – Ironman
J – Milla Jovovich
K – Frida Kahlo
L – Sergio Leone
M – Mamma
N – Noiz Narcos
O – Obama
P – Mobb Deep from Prodigy
Q – Quentin Tarantino
R – Ray Charles
S – Spike Lee
T – Sig. Tribbioli (artist’s father)
U – Uma Thurman
V – Rudolph Valentino
W – Karol Józef Wojtyła (Pope John Paul II)
X – Malcolm X
Y – Yoko Ono
Z – Zoro (self-portrait of artist)

The entire mural

I did some research into the piece and found a YouTube video of JB Rock making the mural.

[youtube id=”7xupEwaDPxs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Next we looked across the street at Black & White Power by Sten & Lex. From the information I could find, these are supposed to look like mug shots.

This duo is also very popular for their silk screen portraits on buildings.

We walked down the street a little further to via Giuseppe Acerbi to see the Paint Over the Cracks piece. It is a 100 meter long slogan painted in just 2 days by Kid Acne.

Upon further research, I found the artist’s blog site which shows the work throughout the various steps in its creation.

Here are a few other works we saw that day:

Ciao for now,
♥ Christine

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