Even More Yummy Food!

I wanted to end my time in Italy on a very successful note: even more yummy food! Here are some more pictures of what I have consumed since my last post:

Simple spaghetti

Cafe Latte and pastries

Tiramisu in a chocolate shell shaped like a cup and a Nutella cannoli

BBQ Burger, fries, and beans from the Hard Rock Cafe

with a side of Twisted Mac n Cheese

Stracciatella gelato

Penne arrabbiata (hot and spicy pasta) – this was probably my favorite Italian dish

McDonald’s Happy Meal – we caved again and needed American food

it came with fresh pineapple

and a toy! – I named him Pesci Piccola which translates to Little Fish

Penne arrabbiata (again), this time from our favorite restaurant Il Miraggio, but I always called it Emilio’s in honor of our charming server.

Jenny and her fiance, Emilio

they also had really good tiramisu

Il Miraggio (photo credit: Jenny Hammond)

Lime and Kiwi gelato

Tomato pizza from Tivoli

Lasagna at the beach

Tortellini Bolognese, another one of my favorites!

Vacanze Romane (photo credit: Briana Morris)

Finishing strong with a lemon icee from the Frigidarium (I later went back and got one more chocolate dipped gelato to end it right).

I am not done with my food posts just yet though…next will be from Spain!

Ciao for now,
♥ Christine

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