May 13th – Leave for Italy!

May 14th – Arrive in Rome
~ Welcome dinner at Antica Biblioteca Valle
~ Piazza Navona

May 15th
~ ACCENT center at Piazza Dell Orologio
~ Palazzo Farnese
~ Campo de’ Fiori
~ The Trevi Fountain
~ The Spanish Steps
~ Santa Maria del Popolo
~ Piazza Navona

May 16th
~ Altare della Patria
~ Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara coeli
~ Piazza del Campidoglio
~ The Capitoline Museums
~ The Pantheon at Night

May 17th
~ St. Peter’s Basilica
~ Vatican City
~ Castel Sant’ Angelo

May 18th
~ The Statue of Moses
~ Campo de’ Fiori at Night
~ Class dinner
~ Piazza Navona at Night

May 19th
~ The Jewish Ghetto
~ Rome Shopping District

May 20th
~ Trastevere Market

May 21st
~ Circus Maximus
~ The Roman Forum
~ The Arch of Titus
~ The Basilica of Maxentius (Constantine)
~ The Temple of Vesta
~ The Temple of Saturn
~ The Colosseum

May 22nd
~ Train to Orvieto
~ Tour of the Underground Caves
~ The Duomo
~ Group dinner at Pizza Ré

May 23rd
~ Rome Shopping District

May 24th
~ Fontana del Tritone (The Triton Fountain)
~ Villa Borghese Gardens
~ Hard Rock Cafe

May 25th
~ Blogging day
~ Exploring Trastevere

May 26th
~ Downtown Rome adventures with Briana
~ Critical Mass Bike Protest
~ Dinner in Trastevere with Jenny, Briana, and Greg

May 27th
~ Trastevere Market with Jenny and Briana
~ Hard Rock Cafe with Jenny, Briana, and Greg
~ Night shoot with Briana
~ Basilica di Santa Maria
~ Piazza del Campidoglio
~ Altare della Patria
~ The Colosseum
~ The Roman Forum

May 28th
~ Musei Vaticani (The Vatican Museum)
~ The Sistine Chapel
~ Dammi il Cinque with the Guards

May 29th
~ Graffiti Tour
~ Basilica Papale di San Paolo fuori le Mura (St Paul’s Outside the Walls)

May 30th
~ The Pantheon
~ The Forum Boarium
~ Basilica di Santa Maria in Cosmedin
~ La Bocca della Verità (The Mouth of Truth)
~ Tivoli

May 31st
~ Rome Beach
~ Farewell Dinner

June 1st
~ Packing day

June 2nd – Leave for Spain!

June 3rd – Explore Madrid

June 4th – Exploring the Area

June 5th – Leave for Seville

June 6th – Exploring the Area

June 7th – Exploring the Area

June 8th – Return to Madrid

June 9th – Exploring the Area

June 10th – Return Home